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Wilkinson Public School
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Important Items

Wilkinson Public School Community Council

Wilkinson Public School is fortunate to have an active School Council filled with parents from our school community. We are always looking for new members to join.  The WSCC is dedicated to making each child’s experience at Wilkinson as rewarding as possible and is an excellent way to get involved with your child’s school. The Council meets monthly at the school, and works with school administration to discuss and vote on school issues as well as to organize school events and fundraisers. The Council is also responsible for publishing the email newsletter and for maintaining this website.

Council Membership

Membership is open to all Wilkinson parents, guardians, staff and appointed community members. New members are always encouraged to join to ensure our Council remains vibrant and representative of the diverse perspectives and demographics of our school population. Some members stay on the Council for a few years while others may move on after a year. Childcare is provided at all Council meetings to facilitate participation.

Council Constitution

Council Forms and Guides

Please refer to the WSCC Finance Processes document above for instructions about how to use each form.
Committee Budget Tracker (To be Completed by all Committees Throughout the Year)
School Council Non-Board Funds Disbursement Voucher
(To Pay For Something)
School Council Non-Board Fund Deposit Voucher (To Deposit Cash and Cheques)
Float Request Form  (To Request a Cash Float for an Event/Program)
Event and Activity Form (To Set-Up Events and Programs in the System)
School Council Deposit Log (Kept in the Office to Record Deposits)
AC-219 Request for Tax Receipt (Used by Treasurer for Cash/Cheque Donations)

General Funding Request (For Ideas That Need Funding)
Event Proposal (For New Event Ideas)
Committee Update/Creation (When Creating a New Committee or Updating the Details of an Existing One)


TDSB School Council Quick Guide 2019-20
TDSB Approved Fundraising Vendors
TDSB Partnership Agreements (organizations that are approved to provide programming during instructional time)
School Councils: A Guide for Members
Ontario Regulations 612/00 and Regulation 298
TDSB School Councils Information Page

Council Meeting Minutes

  • Approved meeting minutes are posted on this web site below.