Contact Information

Wilkinson Public School
416 393-9575

Important Items

Wilkinson Public School Staff 2020/21

Updated February 23.


Principal Kim Jensen
Vice-Principal Lianne Dixon (for Clyre Lyndley)
Office Administrator Debbie Sisnett
Secretary Marwa Khedr

Teaching Staff

Grade Teacher Room
JK/SK Angela Vlahos & Shabana Raja 1
JK/SK Helen Mangos & Haroula Mantis 2
JK/SK Andrew Nguyen & Tina Georgopoulos 3
JK/SK Sheila Mattar & Ragdeh Abdalrahim 4
1 Andrew Stoch 9
1 Patricia De Mattio 14
1/2 Lisa Di Modugno 13
2 Adelia Cerqueira 7
2 Kally Nastos 15
3 Marianna Di Iorio 16
3 Jean Marc DePasqua 28
4 Nick (David) Birnie 10
5 Ted Mahovlich 21
4 Extended French Emily Simone 29
4/5 Extended French Hagar Abayazeed 23
5 Extended French Margaret Mahovlich 26
6 Extended French Madeleine Bouchard 27
6 Kostas Kotsampouikidis 22
Jr. Special Education Steve Pirso & Rebecca Bellamy 19
Core French Sophie Barbier
Music Batya Levy 6
Health and Phys. Ed. Craig Kasaval
Outdoor Education Owen Quenneville
HSP/Resource Jill Donald 8
PREP Coverage Mark DeBoer
Special Needs Assistant (SNA) Rina Johnson
ESL Itinerant Abbas Hussain

If you’d like to contact a staff member, you can do so by leaving a message or making an appointment through the office at (416) 393-9575.  You can also email staff directly.  The standard convention for a TDSB email address is:, but it’s best to confirm the preferred email address directly with the person you are trying to reach.