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2019 Derby Hall of Fame

It was another great running of the Wilkinson Wood Car derby. On behalf of the event organizers (Rob Jefferson – Event Leader & Julia Warrender – Registration & Admin) we’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to help make this event success: Alec Dinescu, Alex Zivontsis, Allen Porayko, Angelina Diassiti, Batya Levy, Brad Kutchcoski, Brenda Ohngemach, Britta Patkowski, Dan Dumitrescu, Dayna Tekatch, Elizabeth Manafo-Epton, Farah Ganpaul, Ingrid Little, Jeff Caterer, Jim Vlahos, Kathy Duguay, Katie Chan, Kevin Sczepanski, Stephanie Lamb, and Susan Jim.

Congratulations to all of our racers for a job well done, and many thanks to the parents who helped with the painstaking design details that allowed the kids to learn about art, science, and being a good sport.

New this year! We have created gallery of our top finishers in each division:

Juniors: JK to Grade 2

Seniors: Grades 3 to 6

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