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Sweetheart Bake Sale

Love Is In The Air
No, Wait…It’s The Sweetheart Bake Sale! Yum!

Date: Wednesday, February 15 (Morning)
Students will visit the sale with their classrooms.

If your child is participating, please send them to school on Feb. 15 with a few dollars.
Most items cost between $0.50 and $2.50

Some non-food items will be available as well (e.g. pencils, erasers, etc.).

All proceeds go towards funding student programs such as ukulele, anti-bullying presentations, books for the library, and field trip subsidies.

** In keeping with our status as a Platinum Eco School, students are asked to bring a reusable container to school to hold their purchases. **


Donate Baked Goods
If you love to bake or prefer to buy, we’re looking for donations of NUT-FREE baked goods.

  • Please note that we cannot sell packaged items with labels that state “May contain traces of nuts“.
  • Items should be cut into individual servings but do not need to be individually packaged.
  • Donation Drop-Off: 8:40-9:15 am on Feb.15. Check in with volunteers inside the school’s main doors and let us know if your item is halal*, vegan, gluten-free, or satisfies another dietary requirement.

If you’d like your containers returned to you, please mark them with your child’s name and room number.

* Halal items should not contain vanilla extract (unless marked “alcohol-free”), gelatin (a common ingredient in marshmallows), rainbow sprinkles, or lard. Lecithin should be vegetarian, such as soya lecithin. Both butter and margarine are Halal. A list of Halal ingredients can be found here (items marked Halal on the list are safe to eat – the other items should be avoided).

Let’s make this bake sale a sweet success!

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