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Halloween at Wilkinson

This year, we will be able to have a Halloween parade at Wilkinson! Our parade will begin at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Monday, October 31. Families and friends are welcome to gather outside to watch our parade. Please see a map of the parade route. Students will be coming down to march by floor, beginning with our youngest kindergarten students on the first floor and ending with our grade sixes on the third floor.

All Halloween events at Wilkinson will be afternoon only. Children who are participating are encouraged to put their costumes on at home during lunch, or bring simple costumes that they can put on in their classrooms after lunch.  Individual classrooms will let parents know about their post-parade plans for the afternoon.

When selecting a costume for you child, please remember to be safe and kind. No weapons should come to school (swords, knives, guns). If they do, teachers will put these aside to send home at the end of the day. As well, costumes should be culturally respectful.

We know that not everyone celebrates Halloween – and we are respectful of that. Children can participate in the parade whether they wear a costume or not. They are welcome to walk with their costumed classmates – it’s great exercise. If you don’t wish your child to take part in the parade at all, we will have supervision for this too. Students not walking in the parade can watch the parade in a supervised location.

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