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Mental Health and Well-Being Week

Monday, May 1st to Friday, May 5th

Mindful Monday – May 1st

To kick off the week, a couple of assemblies will take place in the gym, one at 9:15 – 9:45 for the K-2 classes and the other at 10:30 – 11:10 for the junior classes. This assembly will introduce Mindful Monday and will be led by Lorena Murialdo. She will talk about how the brain works and what happens when the brain isn’t working well. She will then take the students through a little mindfulness practice. Our afternoon will start with a school-wide mindfulness minute which will be done over the school PA system. A resource kit will be given to all staff to use on a regular basis with students.

Taking Care Tuesday – May 2nd

Public Health Nurse, Barb Taylor, using Canada’s Food Guide will speak to the role of nutrition and how it relates to well being. A presentation to students in grades 1-3 will take place from 9:20 – 10:00 in the gym. The grades 4-6 presentation will take place in the gym from 10:30 – 11:20. Follow-up lesson plans will be provided to all teachers.

We Belong Wednesday – May 3rd

We all want to belong and each of us is unique and each of us as something to offer. With this message, a prominent display will be created for all classes to learn from. It will include materials from Kids Help Phone as well as media projects from junior classes. Online activities which reiterate this message will be led by grade 6 students and done with each class. A schedule of visits by grade 6 students will be arranged.

Take Time to Create Thursday – May 4th

The ‘Take Time to Create’ team have planned activities which foster a sense of well being through artistic endeavours. They have prepared activities for all grades that will have students examine and understand their emotions. The primary activities will be based on recognizing different emotions while the junior student activities will be based on expressing their emotions in an appropriate manner.

Fit Friday – May 5th

To end the week, a school wide assembly will take place in the gym to wrap up the week and reflect on what we have learned. The brief assembly will take place at 1:20 pm in the gym. After the assembly, the entire school will participate in a healthy walk/run around the school yard. We want to model active exercise and ask that everyone dress ready to run or walk vigorously. The course will be similar to the Terry Fox Run we have done in the past and will be clearly marked. The ‘rain plan’ is to walk from first to third floor and back to the first floor.






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