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Single-Use Plastics

Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics At Wilkinson

We are pleased to roll out a new student-driven initiative led by our EcoTeam at Wilkinson. This initiative will be to phase out single-use plastics in our school. We have decided to do our part to take single-use plastics out of the equation of polluting our oceans and ecosystems.

Beginning now until the end of May, we will be rolling out Phase 1 of our initiative.

During Phase 1, we will be phasing out:

  • Plastic (single-use) water bottles
  • Juice boxes and straws
  • Plastic used for ice in the office and gym
  • Plastic used in the snack program

Our goal is to phase out all single-use plastics by the end of October 2019. Phase 2 will begin at the beginning of June and will include yogurt containers and tubes, plastic wrapping and casings.

There will be additional information sent home before Phase 2 to provide some alternatives for snacks and food storage.

Some examples of food storage containers that are not single use plastics*:

Some resources and information about single-use plastics and their impact to our oceans and ecosystems:
TED Talks: What really happens to the plastic you throw away?
Ontario NDP Private Member’s Bill To Ban Single-Use Plastics

If there are any questions about this initiative, please contact:
Ms. Harrison, Mr. Kotsampouikidis, Mme. Barbier or Principal Kelly.

*Looking for reusable water bottles or lunch containers? Shop from the comfort of your couch using our Parent Council fundraising links and earn money for the school automatically. You can buy a logoed bottle or lunchbag from Cafe Press or shop for hundreds of reusable items through Amazon and FlipGive.


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