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Socks 4 Souls Sock Drive

Help us to help the homeless by donating new, adult-sized, warm socks to our sock drive.

February 21 to March 3, 2017

Look for the donations bin in the front hall of the school starting Feb 21 as well as at the Wood Car Derby on Feb 24. Socks can also be dropped off with teachers.

There are thousands of homeless people in the city of Toronto who regularly go without some of the most basic items to keep them warm, safe and healthy. Foot problems account for 20% of the medical complaints of the homeless.

New socks minimize the possibility of frostbite, infections and other skin conditions. Multiple pairs of socks are required for each person over the course of a year, as laundry facilities are not typically available to them. Many of the homeless use socks to cover their hands when gloves are not available to keep them warm.

Founded in Toronto in February 2015, Socks 4 Souls Canada is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to contributing warmth, comfort, dignity, mobility and health to homeless communities by providing them with new clean socks. Socks 4 Souls recognizes the importance of good foot health and how it can impact one’s ability to seek food, shelter, medical care and other social services.

Thanks for your contribution!


If you have any questions, please contact us.


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