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We’re Now A Platinum EcoSchool!

Congratulations Wilkinson!
We’ve Achieved Platinum EcoSchools Status! 

And we’ve done it thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students, staff and families. To obtain this challenging certification, the EcoTeam has been spearheading initiatives in and around the school.

Their next project will be the addition of a butterfly garden to our existing native species Learning Garden. We’re excited to announce that the funding for this project is coming directly from our associates program!

Butterflies aren’t just nice to look at, they’re also expert pollinators (second only to bees)! Almost 90% of the world’s plants (including 70% of major food crops) rely on pollinators like bees and butterflies for fertilization and reproduction. Unfortunately, urban sprawl has caused the destruction of many natural butterfly habitats. We’re going to help our local pollinators by creating a welcoming garden where butterflies can live and thrive!

Thank you EcoTeam, Ms. Cameron, Mme. Barbier, Mr. Kotsampouikidis and Mr. Bozabalian – we’re so proud of the ways in which you bring eco-friendly initiatives and education to our school!

If you aren’t already aware, Wilkinson is enrolled in a number of online shopping fundraisers. When Wilkinson families and friends do their online shopping through our dedicated fundraising links, a small portion of each sale is given back to the school as a referral commission. These programs don’t cost shoppers anything extra and have few if any limitations.

Our current shopping fundraisers are, Mabel’s Labels and FlipGive, which allows shoppers to purchase from over 100 different retailers, such as Apple, Indigo, Nike and Old Navy. The links (and instructions on how to use them) can be found at the bottom of our Get Involved Page. You can also access our link by using the Amazon search bar on our homepage. When you shop through these sites, just make sure to go through our fundraising links first!

Thank you for participating in our fundraising programs and events.
As you can see, every little bit counts!


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