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Cook, Bake, Eat and Chat
And Then Take Home The Leftovers!

Tuesday, December 12th
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Wilkinson Primary Lunchroom*

* Please enter through the double doors closest to the gym – south of the main school doors.  Once inside the school, head left towards the north end.

Attendance is free.
Please RSVP for babysitting so that we know how many sitters to book.


A Community Event Brought To You By The Wilkinson School Community Council

Wilkinson’s much-loved Wil-Kitchen is back! Get to know other Wilkinson families and learn a new recipe or two through a community cooking night.

Groups will rotate through stations to assemble, decorate and bake nut-free Halal cookies, truffles, veggie samosas and yummy Fun Fair chickpea salad. Everyone gets to take home a variety of treats at the end of the night. Come alone or with your kids, and if the kids get tired of baking before you do, there are babysitters on site!

If you have any questions, please email us.

Munch munch munch – let’s get cracking!



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