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Orff Ensemble

The Orff Ensemble is open to students in grade 4, 5 and 6, and will run from January to mid-April. The sign-up process consists of 2 steps:

STEP 1: Permission from parents.
This can either be done either with this paper form (click here) OR online (click here).

STEP 2: Students sign up for their desired Orff rehearsal day on Thursday, January 10th.

Explanation: Each Orff group only has room for 35 students. In order to allow room for more students to be part of Orff, there will be 3 different Orff sub-groups (each with their own music) – Tuesday’s Orff Group, Wednesday’s Orff Group, and Thursday’s Orff Group. Students will need to sign up for their desired rehearsal date on sheets that will be posted outside the music room on Thursday, January 10.

Orff rehearsals will begin the week of January 14. Check out the Orff Ensemble section of the music website for more information.





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