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Bottle Drive

Recycle and Raise Money for Wilkinson?

The Beer Store has been recycling alcoholic beverage containers for over 80 years. With purchases of wine, spirits, and beer over 100 ml, customers pay a deposit through the Ontario Deposit Return Program. When the empty containers are returned for recycling, the customers are reimbursed.

How can this help the school? Instead of placing empties in your recycling bin, please consider taking them to the Beer Store to collect the recycling deposit. The money can then be donated to the school. You can do this at any time throughout the year. Partner with neighbours and take turns returning the containers! 

Please note that you can only return the containers from alcoholic beverages (cans, glass, plastic, and tetra packs), and here’s information about preparing your containers before you go.

Donations can be made through SchoolCash Online via credit card or e-Check, which is similar to an e-Transfer. Select “Wilkinson PS” from the School list and type “Bottle Drive” in the Message field. 

Thanks for your support!

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