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Direct Donation: 2016 Tax Receipt Deadline

2016 Tax Receipt Deadline on December 1st

The Wilkinson School Community Council (WSCC) is dedicated to making each child’s experience at Wilkinson as meaningful and rewarding as possible. Each year, the WSCC works with Wilkinson parents and families to raise money towards various goals such as the purchase of new school equipment, schoolyard enhancement, and additional educational activities and resources to supplement the curriculum. We do this through fundraising events and shopping links as well as through our direct donation campaign.

Because of the strength and support of Wilkinson’s community, the WSCC was thrilled to be able to bring the following programming and activities to Wilkinson in recent years:

  • School-wide technology upgrade (2015-2017).
  • A brand new Kindergarten play structure (2014).
  • Hands-on arts programming such as Blank Canvas, performing art shows for all grades, schoolyard art installations, and of course the Ukulele Program which was pioneered at Wilkinson and is now being rolled out city-wide.
  • Visiting authors, the Forest of Reading program and Scientists in the classroom.
  • New sports equipment, team uniforms and programming such as Aussie X that create opportunities for new sports to be practiced long after the one-day program.
  • Community building and fundraising events such as Movie Nights, the Sweetheart Bake Sale, the Wilkinson Derby, and the ever-popular annual Fun Fair.
  • Student graduation festivities and field trip subsidies that both reduce the cost of field trips for each student and allow access to more expensive venues.
  • Educational seminars for parents on topics such as homework help (2014), computer usage (2015) and children and money (2016).

If you would like to make a direct donation to the Council in order to help fund current and future Council initiatives, download a donation form. Donations of $25 or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt (unfortunately, tax receipts cannot be issued for cash donations).

The WSCC is truly grateful for the resources generously donated by Wilkinson families, be they time, money or talent.

Thank you for your support!

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