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Our EcoTeam Has Great News!

Wilkinson is certified as a Gold EcoSchool, but we’re working hard towards becoming a Platinum EcoSchool. To support our bid, the EcoTeam has successfully applied for a water refill station (worth over $2000) to be installed, free of charge, before the end of the year. We were competing with bids from across the board, but were successful based on the strength of our application

The EcoTeam has also been selected to host a bicycle safety assembly in the spring, courtesy of Culturelink Settlement Resources, a group that works with schools to promote bike safety and sustainable transportation.

Let’s take the time to recognize the students who drive these initiatives and the staff who devote their time and energy to the EcoTeam: Ms. Cameron (Rm. 22), Mr. Kotsampouikidis (Rm. 20), Mme Barbier and Mr. Bozabalian (Rm.19). Special mention goes out to Ms. Di Iorio (Rm. 14) for leading the bicycle initiative and Mr. Kasaval for spearheading the healthy eating program.

Thank you all for your amazing work!

For more information about the EcoTeam and the EcoSchools program, visit our webpage.


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