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Fall Fest: THANK YOU!

T2016 Wilkinson Fall Festhank you to everyone who came out for Fall Fest on Sunday, October 23rd. We can’t wait to see those carved pumpkins around the neighbourhood next Monday. There were many people involved in presenting this event, and we’d like to take a moment to thank:

  • The volunteers for their time
  • Our community for their donations of costumes and baked goods (Note: Containers can be picked up from the counter area in Room 3)
  • The vendors who supported our school by buying a table to sell their fine wares
  • Our pumpkin carving experts for sharing their expertise and creativity
  • The kindergarten teachers who let us use their storage unit

Finally, we’d like to thank the Fall Fest planning committee (Brenda Ohngemach, April Moon, Carmen Doyle, Erin Vaillancourt & Martin Saxton) for their hard work putting on this event. They’re already gearing up for next year! To that end, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback about Fall Fest.

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