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Garden Education

This year the Parent Council is funding fall and spring visits by Elin Marley, the local garden educator of Seedling Stories.  The students will learn about where their food comes from, making food chains, exploring garden life, and picking up weeds and litter from the Learning Garden.

Elin recently completed four visits to the school in October and November and will be back again in the spring.  At that time she’ll also be helping us enhance our Learning Garden.  Each class will have two visits with her – one in the fall and one in the spring or two in the spring.  The kids learned a lot during the fall visits and had a great time exploring nature.  Some of their activities were captured in photos here.

You can follow along with the students’ adventures by checking out the Twitter feeds of  Seedling Stories and our Wilky EcoTeam.  These links and the photos from this program can also be found on our EcoSchools page.


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