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Students can attend school on October 29th, 2021, dressed in a costume if they wish. However, we understand that not all families will celebrate and participate in Halloween.

Please ensure costumes allow the students to fully participate in all learning activities and allow them to move safely in our yard and building. Costumes should not include weapons, masks that cover the entire face or be too scary for our youngest learners. A friendly reminder this Halloween to consider the impact of the costume being worn. Dressing up as a stereotype, as well as as an ethnicity, race, religion, or culture that is not your own can be difficult for those whose cultures are being caricatured or appropriated. For more guidance on appropriate Halloween costumes, please refer to the articles and videos included in this TDSB resource.

Students are still required to wear CoVID masks in school:

  • They should not wear a costume mask on top of their mask for CoVID.
  • A costume mask does not replace an approved mask that prevents CoVID transmission.

Let’s work together to ensure this holiday is safe and fun for everyone!

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