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Lost And Found

If your child’s wardrobe has been mysteriously shrinking since September,
check the Lost and Found!

Items will be displayed on tables before and after the winter concert (Wednesday, December 14 from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm). Please take a few minutes to collect your belongings as clothing will be donated before winter break. Not attending the concert? Items will be moved to the gym tables on Tuesday morning and anything not claimed before the break will be packed up for donation on December 23.

The Lost and Found is located in the middle stairwell – the stairwell to the left of Room 3.  When entering the school via the main doors, go up the half flight of stairs and keep walking straight (Room 3 is directly in front of you).  To the left of Room 3, there are doors leading to both a stairwell and the schoolyard.  The Lost and Found is located around the corner to your left in that stairwell.

Unclaimed items will be donated periodically over the course of the school year. 

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