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Movie Night Safety Information

Movie Nights are fun, volunteer-run events enjoyed by people across the Wilkinson community. The WSCC wants to make sure that everyone has a good, safe time when they come to the school after hours. To that end, here are a few things to keep in mind to help Movie Nights run smoothly:

  • All children attending Movie Night must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years old. It’s a serious safety issue, and children who arrive without supervision will be not be permitted to stay for the film.
  • Movie Night is very popular with younger students. Please help them to remember that speaking in a whisper allows those around them to hear the movie.
  • It’s dark in the gym and the movie projection equipment comes with the added hazard of many cords. Please use a walking pace at all times, and reserve the space behind the seating area for concession sales only.
  • A condition of hosting Movie Night is ensuring the area is left as it was found in time for the first gym class on Monday morning. Please help us by using the many trash cans around the gym to dispose of garbage before heading home.

Thanks very much in advance for your cooperation! We look forward to presenting Movie Night and other fun events at the school all year long.

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