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Music Program Update

The Music Website Has Moved!

Ms. Levy’s music website has a new address:

Bookmark the site so you don’t miss out on any updates from our music program!

A link to the music website as well as links to other Wilkinson websites can be found on our Links & Resources page.

Sign Up For Junior Choir and Orff Ensemble Is Next Week (Grades 4-6)

For more information about these groups, check out the new website or click here for the letter that will be going home with students this week.

There are two ways to sign up (choose one):

  1. NEW: You can now sign up online!  Click here for the link.
  2. Permission Form: You may print off a copy of the form here or students can collect one during the first week of school.

Junior Choir sign up will begin Wednesday, September 14 from 11:50am to 12:30pm in Room 3.

Orff Ensemble: Students who want to be in an Orff group will need to do a second sign up outside of the music room on Monday, September 12. At that time, students will choose which of the Orff groups they want to be in.  Students may only sign up for 1 group to begin with.  Once everyone has had a chance to choose a group, students will be permitted to choose an additional group if space allows.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Levy via email or phone 416-393-9575 (school office)






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