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Leaving School Premises
We recently had a couple of incidences of students leaving school grounds during recess. This is very unsafe and although we have supervision during these times, students could leave the premises without being seen. Please remind your children that this is not permitted and also review your street safety rules with them. We will do the same the same here at school.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are increasingly an issue at TDSB schools. At Wilkinson they seem to be coming up as an issue more and more. I would like to remind everyone of our policy: Students may bring cell phones to school for the purpose of communicating with parents before and after school. During school/class time and throughout the day, cell phones are not to be used and are to be kept in jackets/backpacks. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken cell phones. There may be occasion whereby students are permitted to use cell phones in the class or around the school. This would be communicated to you beforehand.

Online Activity
We continue to remind students about the appropriate use of the internet and which activities are safe. The TDSB has age appropriate screening in place to block certain web pages or websites from being accessed at schools. Please ensure you have rules around Social Media regarding when and how your children can use them. There have been a few incidences involving Wilkinson students being harassed or having photos/videos posted on social media sites without permission. It is crucial that you are aware which sites your child is using, who they are chatting with and the type of material they are viewing.

Stay tuned for information from your Parent Council regarding a presentation for parents and caregivers around internet safety in the home.





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