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Rain Barrels

Buy a Rain Barrel and $10 goes to Wilkinson!

Our Greening and Grounds Committee has partnered with to offer discounted rain barrels to the Wilkinson community.

Rain barrels are an eco-conscious addition to any home that has a downspout. The water collected provides relief to sewer systems during heavy rains and is a vital source of water during droughts.  They also provide chlorine-free water for gardens and lawns (plants vastly prefer rainwater to tap water).’s inventory is much cheaper than in most gardening retailers, and every barrel sold provides $10 to Wilkinson. Proceeds fund school initiatives such as field trips, new library books, and arts performances!

To ensure the school receives the allotted funds, please order barrels through this personalized website:

The last day to purchase a barrel is May 26. Deliveries will be made to your address free of charge on May 27!

Never thought about using a rain barrel before? Here are some benefits of using one (and using rainwater for your garden):

  • Save water and money: Using rainwater instead of tap water for outdoor use can reduce your water bill.
  • Better gardens: Grow bigger and better plants and vegetables with rainwater and avoid chlorine and fluoride found in tap water.
  • Protect local waterways: Fast-moving rainwater washes pollutants from lawns and driveways into streams, rivers, and lakes. Rain barrels capture water and slow it down to be released slowly after storms have passed.

Want to learn more about the benefits of rain barrels?  Watch’s introductory video here: and learn about rain barrels here: 

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