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Role of the Parent Council

What does the Council do and why are there so many fundraisers?

The Parent Council funds programs and activities that supplement the curriculum and provide students with rewarding experiences. The money for these programs comes from our fundraising initiatives and events and our online shopping partnerships.

With your help, we fund, purchase or subsidize:

We maintain the Learning Garden and incorporate environmental education into our curriculum. And, we work within our community and area schools to provide inclusive learning opportunities through events, forums, and speaking engagements. Finally, we try and communicate it all via our website and weekly newsletter.

Since late 2019, we’ve been unable to run most of our fundraisers because of COVID and earlier labour negotiations. This has greatly impacted our financial position and our ability to afford next year’s programming. Luckily, our savings have carried us this far, but we’re effectively starting from zero going forward. To make next year’s programs possible, we’re fundraising through initiatives like the Wilkinson Cookbook, silent auction, rain barrel sales, and Wilky Move & Groove.

Outside of fundraisers, Wilkinson families can support the school at any time through direct donations and our online shopping links. Online donations of any amount are eligible for tax receipts. The funds raised go directly towards programming and activities that benefit our students. Please consider contributing if and where you can. 

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