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Back to School Shopping?

Whether you’re taking advantage of seasonal sales, doing holiday shopping or just stocking up on basics all year round, you can help the Wilkinson Council raise money for the school by shopping through our online links.

We’ve joined the referral programs for Tru Earth,, Oliver’s Labels, Mabel’s Labels, and FlipGive, which offers the school cash back on purchases (including gift cards) made through over 100 retailers such as Apple, Indigo,, Sport Check, Walmart, and Old Navy. As an Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

These programs don’t cost anything extra, and if you’re shopping anyway, why not earn money for the school while you do?

When you shop through these sites, just make sure to go through our fundraising links first! The links (and instructions on how to use them) can be found through the Shopping Fundraisers link on our homepage or at the bottom of our Get Involved Page.

We know that remembering to use the links is easier said than done, so we’ve created cutouts to help you. Simply print out this sheet, cut along the dotted lines and keep these cards near the devices in your home and office. The next time you shop, you’ll see the cards and be reminded to visit our website first.

A percentage of the sales made through these fundraisers will be credited to the Wilkinson School Community Council to be used for such things as technology in the classroom, arts programming, Scientists In School, the graduation yearbook, and field trip subsidies.

Feel free to pass the links on to family and friends. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support!

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