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Hey, Students!

Have you read something that you really loved (or really didn’t like)? From now until April 30, send us your recommendations and book reviews. We’ll publish them on this website and social media and in our weekly emails using your initials (not your full name). Please get your parent/guardian’s permission and then send your thoughts to council@wilkinsonps.orgNot sure where to start? Our handy template can help you!

Check out the book reviews below! Have you read the same book?  Do you agree or disagree with what someone else has said? Let our student book reviews inspire you to read something new – maybe you’ll discover a new favourite story or author! We’d love to hear from you!

Looking for book fair information? CLICK HERE.  Yay books!


Minecraft Guide to Exploration by Owen Jones

The book offers reviews, tips, and tricks on how to play the game Minecraft. It’s about the Minecraft landscape, mobs, and survival. I liked the survival part the most of the three parts because it gave good strategies on how to play Minecraft. There was no part of this book that I didn’t like – it is all great. I would recommend this book be made into a movie because it would be set in a really popular game. – RH, Gr. 4

The Magnus Chase Series by Rick Riordan

5 Stars! I loved this series! Story: Magnus dies and then goes on a three-book adventure to defeat Loki, a Norse mythology trickster. I think this series is super cool and interesting and you can learn a lot about Norse myths! I wouldn’t change anything about the books. My favourite character is Alex Fierro, 100%. I really liked Alex because he/she* is very cool and strong. He/she is one of the main parts of defeating some of the bad guys. Definitely, my fave. I would recommend these books for people in Grade 3 to infinity!  – EMR, Gr. 4

*Alex is gender-fluid and uses the pronouns he/she and him/her

Blended by Sharon Draper

5 Stars! This book is AWESOME! It is from the point of view of an 11-year-old, dark-skinned girl with a black father and white mother. She goes through a lot in the book, and the book teaches about racial injustice. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!  – EMR, Gr. 4

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

4.5 Stars! This book is great! It is from the point of view of 16-year-old Starr who sees her friend get shot. Granted, this book has a lot of swear words, so I don’t recommend it for younger kids. But, if you’re okay with swears, then I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!  – EMR, Gr. 4





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