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Police Checks for Volunteers

Parents and community members who would like to volunteer at a school on an ongoing basis must have a Police Reference Check. This procedure was put in place for volunteers and job applicants for designated positions who will work directly with or in the vicinity of children or vulnerable persons.  Volunteers or job applicants are required to provide a vulnerable sector police reference check prior to the commencement of their employment or volunteer placement.

If you will be volunteering at the school during school hours and in contact with students, you are required to obtain a Police Reference Check (PRC). To obtain a PRC, please come to the Wilkinson Jr. P. S. office and ask for the form.  You must also bring a certified cheque or money order for $20.00 made out to “Toronto Police Service.”  The school will submit the completed form and the cheque/money order on your behalf.

You will receive the original clearance form in the mail at home.  You must bring this original form into Wilkinson so that we can send it to the TDSB PRC office.  They will update the school list of cleared volunteers.  Please inform the office if you would like the original returned to you. Once you have received your clearance, you do not have to repeat this process annually.  You only need to go into the school and ask the Principal or Vice-Principal to help you complete your Annual Declaration if you would like to continue to volunteer in the school.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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