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Curriculum Night & Joining Parent Council

Join Us For Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 20, 2018
Wilkinson Gym
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The staff and teachers at Wilkinson are pleased to invite parents to join us for Curriculum Night next Thursday, September 20, 2018, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. 

After a brief presentation in the gym, families are invited to visit their children’s classrooms to meet the teachers and get an overview of the planned academic activities for the year. Please note that this a brief introduction to the curriculum; you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one discussion about your child’s progress at a later date.

Curriculum Night is open to parents and guardians of children in all grades. We look forward to seeing you there!


Join The Parent Council!

Curriculum Night also serves as the end of the nomination period to become a member of the Wilkinson School Community Council (“WSCC” or “Parent Council”). The WSCC is dedicated to making each child’s experience at Wilkinson as rewarding as possible and is an excellent way to get involved with the school. You can learn more about the Council on our website or come to any of our meetings to see what’s involved.

If you’re thinking, “Nomination period? What are they talking about?”, more information can be found on the nomination form below. If you still have questions, feel free to send us a note.

If you’re ready to join this fun and dedicated group, please complete this nomination form and return it by email no later than Tuesday, September 18, 2018.



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