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Make a contribution to Wilkinson Public School by joining a committee.

Health & Safety Committee

Supports the Wilkinson community with input, direction and/or action in the following areas:

  • Physical safety of children, staff and others at the school – including the safety of the building and grounds
  • Personal safety of children, staff and others at the school – including issues of bullying, offensive language, aggressive behaviour and security concerns
  • Public Health initiatives at the school – including issues of illness, healthy lifestyles and injury prevention
  • Physical Education & Sports curriculum as well as any related extra-curricular activities – including policies on participation and support for teachers in delivering programs

Daytime availability for in‐school meetings is required. Council membership is not required.

Greening & Grounds Committee

  • Main Projects: Coordinates the yearly clean-up of the Learning Garden (April or May) and the Seedlings in the Classroom program.

Other possible projects and responsibilities:

  • Working with teachers to incorporate the Learning Garden into the curriculum
  • Supporting the Wilkinson community through education about the environment and environmental issues and the greening of the school and community
  • Encouraging the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Other projects as decided by Committee members

Fun Fair Committee

Organizes and runs the Fun Fair (our biggest fundraiser and community event) each spring by determining the event date (with Council), recruiting volunteers, soliciting donations, confirming activities to be offered, managing advertising and publicity, and organizing set‐up/teardown. This committee runs from February to May. Council membership is not required, but this committee works closely with the Parent Council.

Fundraising Committee

Supports the Council and the Wilkinson community by determining how funds will be raised, and how they will be dispersed. Helps to coordinate proposals, scheduling, budgets, and permits.  Usually comprised of, but not limited to, Council members who are event team leads.  Council membership is required.

Education Committee

  • Main Project: Applies for and organizes PRO Grant funding opportunities (once per year, not every year)

Other possible projects and responsibilities:

  • Organizing any parent information nights
  • Making submissions on behalf of the Council to boards and hearings (as required)
  • Providing education information to the community by liaising with the Communications Committee
  • Other projects as decided by Committee members

Arts Committee

  • Main Project: Brings in artists and performers to support the curriculum and create opportunities for Wilkinson students to develop an appreciation of artistic expression in various forms

Other possible projects and responsibilities:

  • Researching opportunities to support the curriculum through the use of fine arts
  • Other projects as decided by Committee members

Communications Committee

  • Helps to coordinate communication between the school, the home and the community
  • Works with the school and community to distribute messages and information about school and Council events and activities through print, email, the website, and social media

Council membership is required in order to ensure that members stay current with school events, programs, policies and procedures.

Fall Events Committee

  • Main Project: Organizes and runs the annual Fall Fest (or another fall event) that takes place in September/October

Organization Includes:

  • Establishing a budget
  • Recruiting volunteers and community contributors
  • Deciding on activities
  • Advertising and publicity

Pizza Lunch Committee

  • Organizes and runs Pizza Lunches throughout the year

Lunch Volunteers:

  • Serve pizza to the kids
  • Help with set-up and clean-up
  • Time commitment: 11am-12:30pm once per month, usually on Fridays

Committee Chairs:

  • Manage registration spreadsheets and order system (1-2 hours per month)
  • Accept and organize registrations in September and February (2-3 hours per month)
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Share the responsibilities of the lunch volunteers with the addition of accepting and paying for food

Lice Check Committee

Responsible for working with the school and the lice company to organize and coordinate school‐wide lice checks, including booking appointments, tracking and providing information, organizing students, and distributing letters. Responsibilities do not include checking children’s heads for lice. Requires daytime availability for 2.5 hour shifts during school hours. Council membership is not required.

Movie Night Committee

Runs 5‐7 movie nights held throughout the school year and raises funds with “pay‐what‐you‐can” donations. The committee requests the event permit, and manages volunteers for set‐up, concession stand, and clean‐up. The committee operates with a valid streaming licence. Friday afternoon and/or evening availability is required, Council membership is not.

Wilkitchen Committee

Plans and prepares for two “Wilkitchen” events where families gather for free community cooking evenings.   Planning and preparation includes picking recipes , buying ingredients, booking babysitters, and setting up stations for families to rotate through in the lunchroom of the school.  This committee usually runs in the winter and in May/June. Council membership is not required.

Anti-Racism and Equity Committee (ARE)

Anti-Racism is the practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures and behaviours that perpetuate systemic racism. We plan to pursue initiatives that support this learning for the entire community, though workshops, art, and community events. Equity practices ensure fair, inclusive and respectful treatment of all people, with consideration of individual and group diversities and intersectionality of multiple social identities, access to privileges and impacts of oppression.

It is our goal that every child at Wilkinson feels that they matter and are seen. We will be endeavouring to connect and create relationships with the entire Wilkinson community so that everyone’s voice can be heard and respected.Council membership is not required.

Project ideas for the fall and coming year include(but are not limited to) fundraising for Anti-Racism workshops, possible art installations at the school, creating a library hub for readings and speakers, facilitating connecting with more parents from racialized families in our community, and creating and supporting the Council’s inclusive school events.