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Wilkinson Lice Check Fund

In January 2018 the Parent Council funded school-wide lice checks through Lice Squad, the results of which can be found below. We funded this service because regular lice checks were not being done at the school. Lice can be uncomfortable, time consuming and expensive to deal with. Anyone can get lice and they spread easily. Lice are common in schools and daycares, but after dealing with cases firsthand, a number of parents felt that more could be done at the school to keep them under control.

It’s a fact: schools that do regular lice checks eventually have fewer cases of lice as they’re found early and treated before they spread.

With the success of the lice checks last January we’re now rolling out a program of school-wide lice checks three times per year, preferably in September, January and April as these are the times most commonly associated with outbreaks. The cost of the school program is only $2.26 per child per check, whereas lice clinics typically charge $25-$35/person per check and treatments average $75/hour/person. Some clinics will charge around $120 for a house visit, involving checking and treating the family. Unfortunately, with 500 students at the school, funding the entire program through the Parent Council is not possible. We’re asking Wilkinson families to consider contributing $5 per child per year so that this initiative can move forward and continue into the future.

We do understand that families have different means and different priorities; however, a small contribution from each of us will enable the program to benefit us all. Any amount that you’re able to contribute will go into a fund specifically for this program, with the aim of affording (together with Council funding) three school-wide checks per year, depending on the amount raised.


TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND BY CASH OR CHEQUE, DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS FORM . Instructions for submitting it are on the form itself.

Aren’t quite sure how to properly check for lice or what kinds of treatments exist?  For more information about lice, please refer to this information sheet which can also be found at the bottom of the Links & Resources page.  Please note that a good quality lice comb is needed to properly remove lice and eggs from hair.  The Parent Council has purchased one for the school which can be borrowed by families who need it (ask the office).  Interested in the results of this program?  You can see the details of our past lice checks here.

Parent volunteers make this happen!  Are you interested in joining the Lice Check Committee?  Send us a note.

Committee members do not check children’s heads, but do coordinate the checks, track students, and distribute letters.  Daytime availability is required during school hours for shifts of about 2.5 hours in length.