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Immunization Reporting

Did you know that each time your school-aged child gets an immunization, it’s your responsibility to report it to Toronto Public Health?  Parents and guardians report immunizations when children register for Kindergarten and then each time a new one is received.  The school used to collect this information and pass it to Public Health, but a new system is now in place.

All reporting is now done directly with Toronto Public Health either online or by mail.  Please see this flyer for more information.  These links can also be found on our Links and Resources page.

Note from Toronto Public Health: Toronto Public Health will not be reviewing student immunization records this year and therefore will not be sending letters to remind parents that their child/children are overdue for their childhood vaccinations. It is important for students to get their usual vaccinations to protect them from non-COVID-19 diseases. Vaccinations are an essential health service, and you can make an appointment for your child to receive their childhood vaccination from their health care provider. You can continue to update and access your child’s vaccination record online here.

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