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Textile Recycling Fundraiser

Are your socks full of holes?  Is last year’s backpack a disaster?
Spring Cleaning?  Did your child just grow two sizes?
Did you know that 95% of textile waste is recyclable?

Well, now you do!

Wilkinson is partnering with Textile Waste Diversion to hold another textile recycling fundraser.

Spring 2020 – Dates to Be Finalized*

*Please do not bring your items in yet – just start collecting them at home.  In the new year, we will communicate the collection dates.

Please put all items in bags before bringing them in.

How does It Work?
Bring in your unwanted, clean, dry, odourless clothing and other textiles, including bags, shoes, purses, belts, reading glasses, stuffies, linens, lunchbags, reusable shopping bags (excluding those with plastic parts), and sports balls.  Even damaged or ripped items can be donated because Textile Waste Diversion will collect our donations and sort them.  Items in good condition will be resold, and items that can’t be resold will be shredded and used to make things like cat toys, dog beds, and industrial rags, thereby diverting waste from landfill.

When collecting our donations, Textile Waste Diversion will weigh everything we’ve collected and pay us $0.10 per pound.  We’ll also receive a certificate letting us know how much carbon our efforts have helped to take out of the atmosphere.  See how we did last year.

Most types of textiles can be donated, provided they are clean, dry and odourless. Please refer to this poster for more information.  Note that they DO NOT accept furniture, bicycle helmets, appliances, household items, paint, garbage, or hazardous materials. If you have questions about donating specific items or would like more information, contact Tia at (888) 980-8756 and visit


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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