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Virtual Halloween

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween and connect with others in the Wilkinson community? Post a picture of your pumpkin or, if you’d like, your kids in costume to our Facebook page. Photos will appear on the Community tab. Families that aren’t on Facebook can email us photos and we’ll do our best to post them.

Happy Halloween!

Reminder: Students can wear costumes to school on Friday, October 30th provided they can still wear their personal mask properly (covering their nose and mouth as usual). Please be mindful that costumes should not include face masks or face coverings.  We also ask that costumes for school are appropriate for our JK to grade 6 student population.  Please give some consideration to costumes to ensure they are not too scary and that they will in no way be offensive to any group of people.  Students still need to be able to participate in their learning, so please select costumes that allow safe movement through the school, school yard and in a classroom.

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