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Cook, Bake, Eat and Chat
And Then Take Home The Leftovers!

Wilkitchen Was Held On Tuesday, December 12th

To everyone who organized and participated in Wilkitchen, thank you for being a part of the event.  It was a really fun and enjoyable evening for everyone involved!  If you didn’t get a chance to join us this time, you can get an idea of what the event’s all about through some of the photos below.



A Community Event Brought To You By The Wilkinson School Community Council

Get to know other Wilkinson families and learn some new recipes through a community cooking night.

Groups rotated through stations to assemble, decorate and bake nut-free Halal cookies, truffles, veggie samosas and yummy Fun Fair chickpea salad. Everyone took home a variety of treats at the end of the night.



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